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A serious Hum documentary is in the works – would you like to appear in it or provide input?

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

I’ve been busy with media requests recently, but I’d like to single out one in particular. Dean Fleischer-Camp, based out of Los Angeles and having experience in the film industry, has put a crew together who are aiming to produce the first feature-length documentary about the worldwide Hum. They want to come up to Vancouver within a few months to meet with some Hum hearers, conduct interviews, and gather related information.

Even you can’t make it to Vancouver, may I encourage you to contact Dean at humdocumentary@gmail.com, and share your story. This is part of the work – the heavy lifting – that will solve the Hum by bringing widespread attention and normalization to the issue.

Thank you for your efforts.




  1. Melissa says:

    I’m thrilled at this news Glen!

    • Melissa says:

      I have been in touch with Dean, answered some questions, and asked a few of my own. He and his crew may stop in the SF Bay Area on route to Vancouver, and if the timing is right I am happy to be interviewed.

  2. dhamma@telfort.nl says:

    Goedemorgen Dirk, Kijk, er staat nog een film op stapel over LFG. Interessant om in de gaten te houden. Ik zal dit berichtje ook doorsturen naar Margriet Westerhof en Christa Moesker. Overigens fijn om te horen dat jullie alsnog spreektijd hebben gekregen op dat symposium. Zet hem op 🙂 ! Vriendelijke groet, Ton Schermer

    Op 8 mei 2014, om 02:45 heeft World Hum Database and Mapping Project het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  3. Graham Tomlin says:

    I would very much love to assist in this project. My particular place of residence is a HUM magnet. I reside in Union Bay BC on Vancouver island. I have been suffering from this annoying sound now for 3 years. Or I should say hearing it for 3 years, although I believe it’s has affected me for closer to 15 years, or since I moved to the Comox valley. There is little doubt in my mind that anyone who can’t hear this sound will have no problem hearing it in my house. I’m not sure why but my home seems to amplify this sound to absurdity. On May 24, 2014, I visited Powell River for the evening, I mention this as the creator of the world wide hum database lives In this town. As I was able to hear the hum while staying in a hotel very close to the ferry terminal, it was nothing compared to what we hear over on Vancouver island. I would rate it a 2 out of 10 on the annoying scale. My house is a constant 10+ on days when it’s “on”. I also emailed Novak, the head of the Windsor hum research last year when he was announced as the person in charge of figuring that hum out. He was kind enough to reply, but was not interested in sounds anywhere else but Windsor. This past weekend I visited Whistler BC way up in the mountains and was pleased to find NO HUM! If only I could have stayed. If this project goes ahead, I feel to only visit a noisy city like Vancouver will not produce the desired results. Late at night in Union bay no other sounds but the Hum can be heard in my home, And not just heard but felt as well. If there was ever a device that could record or hear this sound, this would be the place to listen to it. I’m at the point now where I will pay good money for anybody to find and destroy whatever is causing this sound.

    • Thanks. But I should point out that the Director of the World Hum Database does not live in Powell River. I’m confident in this.

    • Jillian says:

      Hi Graham. Do you still live in Union Bay? I just moved here and can definitely hear the hum!

      • Graham says:

        Hi Jillian
        Yes, still here. It will be 6 years this May 15th that I have lived here and heard the hum. I awoke to it this morning as usual. Of all the places I’ve heard it, Union Bay is still by far one of the worst areas.
        Are you new to both the area and sound? Or just the area?
        Kindest regards

      • Jillian says:

        New to the area and the hum. Never heard it before in my life. This morning it was very loud. Still loud now.

      • Jillian says:

        Hi Graham. It’s may 12. 422am. The hum stopped. Can you still here it?

      • Graham says:

        Hi Jillian.
        While I was certainly sleeping at 3:22 am, I can tell you there are moments of silence. They are always short lived however. My own personal observation is that, when stretches of nice sunny weather come along it tends to disappear for me. Or I should say I notice it less. For me that’s one thing ive noticed, is that I don’t tend to suddenly hear it gone, although in the beginning it was very much like that for me, because it drove me insane and kept me awake. But when it’s humming away it stands out like a sore thumb. It tickles the ear drums. I’d compare it to, you don’t notice yourself be healthy and not sick, but when you get sick you notice it right away. So if it does stop, all be it temporarily, it takes time for me to notice it gone. As of 10:50 am today however, I can faintly hear it. It’s quite windy out right now so background sounds tend to wash it out. I have been laying in bed before and definetly heard it “turn on” so to speak. That’s a horrible feeling. Feel free to contact me anytime, I know all to well how this makes a person feel, specially when other people close to you can’t hear what you hear. It can make you question your own sanity. It’s almost impossible to believe everyone can’t hear something so obviously loud and annoying.
        Looking back on my experience with it, I’d say there are stages you go through when you first start to hear it. First you think it’s just you, then you have to find the source of that sound as it drives you nuts, then you start googling strange humming sound, which leads you here. Your lucky at least you found Glens site early, so you don’t have to live thinking it’s in your own head. That alone for me was a huge weight off the chest. I had mentioned to Glen in a previous post how nice it would be if there was a way we could all report
        “I hear it” or “I don’t hear it” right now on this site. Just to get a sense of how it changes in certain areas for people suffering with this. But as he pointed out, that would be a logistical nightmare to keep track of. Hopefully this site will one day solve this once and for all

      • Toby says:

        Hello Jillian and Graham,
        I’ve been keeping a ‘hum diary’ here in France for 4 years.
        I simply note the days when the hum is above or below 3 out of 10 ( the level at which I can tolerate it) in a text document.

        My diary is then simply a dated list of exceptions which I don’t have to add to every day. I mark silent days in red. There were 3 last year.

        If both of you live in roughly the same area, would it not be interesting for you to independently keep a diary for a month or two and then compare notes on your experiences ? I for one would find it interesting to hear the results.
        Best, Toby

      • Graham says:

        Hi Toby
        Sounds like an interesting idea. I would be curious to see how our notes compared to yours on the other side of the world. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all had the same on/off days, no matter where one is located on the globe. Like you I believe mine would only show a few glorious days off, but I guess any data that can be collected is better then none at all.
        Your thoughts Jillian?

      • Jillian says:

        Great idea. We could actually do it in a shared Google document. And see each other’s on an entry by entry base.

      • Toby says:

        I’m up for that, we’d just have to determine the parameters and allow for global time difference to achieve ‘real time’ comparisons.
        Jillian, I have no idea how a shared Google document works, but if you’re prepared to set it up and give me a quick lesson on how to use it, I’m in.

        Here, the hum usually kicks in early a.m and dissipates somewhat after 6pm. I live rurally and work from home, so I get a good idea of the patterning.

        In my diary, a day’s pattern is usually 4 /10, 6/10, 4/10, 2/10 (or silence) in the late evening, but it can vary dramatically.

        The patterning made me think it was an industrially produced sound for 3 years.
        Then the rules changed and I noticed the hum would ramp up at 2 a.m for instance, or on Christmas day, so I thought it might be military.
        Sometimes I’ll be aware of it ramping up, as if a massive turbine is coming on line a few miles away, or, as yesterday, it will suddenly peak at 8/10 and then start ramping down to near silence.

        10 in my diary is “we’re moving” !

  4. Graham Tomlin says:

    My apologies. I read “lives and works on the Sunshine Coast” and for some reason assumed Powell River. I guess the Sunshine Coast is quite a bit larger then that! I stand corrected, although it’s still in my neck of the woods. 😉

  5. karen elizabeth dahl says:

    It would be good to include England in the documentary. This is not a place where people are given to complain, the English way is at worst smug at best satisfied, but more and more now, the sound is being mentioned, causing disturbance and concern. The South West of England is particularly badly affected, maybe due to the radon underground???

  6. Andrew says:

    If they need an editor, I would love to be of service.

  7. Johnf993 says:

    I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! dbekeddffcdd

  8. Johnb943 says:

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  9. Hum in SW Ireland too, no Radon here. Sounds like modulating between a low F and a low E flat. With RTA (real time analyzer) can capture it, it’s around 50db, not a sine wave, but more chaotic, but with a range of harmonics accompanying a varying root note.

  10. Melissa says:

    Hi Glen, I’m wondering if this is still happening and if so would you provide an update? Thanks!

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