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Is the Hum Map not simply a population density map?

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Yes and no. Look at this overlay of population density and Hum locations. Population density is given as the density of red regions on the map, showing of course the very high densities in New England, Los Angeles, and so on.


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.48.47 AM


There is a striking overall correlation between Hum locations and population density in North America. There is a distinct north-south line that divides the highly populated East with the less populated mid-west. That line runs roughly from Winnipeg, Manitoa to Laredo, Texas and Hum reports follow that same line.

There are other obvious tight correlations, but there are also some notable exceptions. For example, look at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (population 180, 000), and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (population 202, 000). There isn’t a single Hum report among the almost 400, 000 people in those two cities, and only one report for the entire province. This cannot be attributed to lack of access to internet technology or lack of exposure to national stories involving hums or unusual noises. There are places with significantly proportionately more Hum reports, in more isolated locations. For example, Plymouth England (population 256, 000).

And if you look, you can see other population density – Hum report discrepancies. Yes, there are other explanations for such discrepancies, but it seems to make sense to go with what we do know, as opposed to what we don’t know.

With a few thousand more map points, I think the picture will become clearer, but there is of course the possibility that the Hum is blanketing most of the planet’s surface.





  1. Mrs. Anonymous says:

    Hello Glen,
    Your job here is respectable. I want to face you and the other people here with a question. First my experience, I can hear another sound in background besides the hum, I name it M2! The hum is much louder than M2, maybe the hum is 5 or even 10 times louder than M2. But what is this M2, which I hear in addition? It is definitely no tinnitus, I should say. It is a high frequency fluctuating sound with the nature of a Morse and very resembling to a Morse sound, which you can hear on a shortwave radio, for instance here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNLWHZY8UDU just jump to 1:35 and keep listening.
    I consider this M2 as a belonging part of the hum. Because I can only hear it there, where I can hear the hum. And it is louder, when the hum is louder. I hear M2 with my right ear. And this is the same ear, I am hearing the hum with, like most other people, who experience the hum.
    In those places, where I can not hear the hum, there is also no M2. And during those times, when the hum is weaker than else, it is very hard to hear the M2. This M2 is especially noticeable, when the hum is so loud and there is also a very quiet environment around me. For example deep in the night between 3 and 4 AM. So if you want to check, if you could also experience the M2, please try it deep in the night, and then, when the hum really annoys and is really louder than else, and just listen!
    And please try to check it on different nights and times! I am sure, there are many others there, who can hear this “Morse” like me. I repeat, M2 is very lower in loudness than the hum. And loudness of the hum makes it difficult to feel the M2. M2 is just something in background accompanying the hum. So the question is, if anybody else could notice the M2?
    Since the hum is experienced by less than say 5 percent of the people in places, where it exists, it is also foreseeable, that not every hum sufferer could hear also the M2. But I really hope, if only some of us could also hear the M2, this could help us to find the source or sources of the hum.
    Glen, could you please make another new post for this question, so that we could get more feedback from the others here. I am sure, this would help to bring some other aspects under the light!

    Another question, not necessarily dependent on the previous question! Why there is almost no one on the hummap from Russia?! There is only one report in southeast of the Russia on the map.

    And my footnote: in October 2011, the full orbital constellation of 24 satellites of GLONASS was restored, enabling full global coverage.
    And the majority of the modern time hum sufferers experienced the hum for the first time after this date!

    • George G. says:

      Hello Mrs. A.
      I agree Glen is doing a noble job, to say the least, and I would go even further to suggest he may be finding the current calibre of comments quite exhausting (my comments included). But that’s what happens when one opens a can of worms, and to his credit, he is still hanging in there, so lets all take advantage of the vehicle he has provided and exchange thoughts and ideas on this mystery while we can.

      Now, about your ‘M2’. Rest assured, other sufferers have heard code-like signals during Hum episodes, myself included. My belief is that normal background noise can often mix with the Hum when at it’s maximum level, producing harmonics which cut in and out due to complex phase relationships, this especially applies to AC mains operated sources (50 Hz in my part of the world, 60Hz in others) So, don’t worry, you are not alone, and I bet many more people are Hum sensitive than the 4% or 5% we are led to believe.

      Myself, I have been hearing it for many years, but never really bothered about it till I met my second wife, who suffers terribly from it. That is why I started my own Hum research. Having a well equipped workshop and involved with various projects concerning geomagnetic phenomena, I thought I may help my wife somehow, if I could.

      I am now almost certain that I have located the source of the Hum, and if I am correct then I am afraid I have not got good news. It appears, to me at least, that we are stuck with it. It is not an artificial source, but a natural signal, or rather a multiplexing of several natural signals. In the same context, I can hopefully ease some peoples minds that it is not some kind of evil mind-manipulating instrument designed for human control purposes.

      Personally, I have learnt to use it as a lullaby when it visits around 3AM (as I grow older I am more susceptible to waking up after 4 or 5 hours sleep). I just imagine that I am on an overnight train(diesel of course) crossing some wilderness. It usually helps, you know the old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them—”

      In summary, the Hum will vary in intensity, and the more intense it is so will the ‘M2’ seem also.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. I love the M2 tag, with your permission I will use it to describe spurious harmonics in future notes.

  2. Gwen says:

    I ran across this map of cell coverage and it correlates quite well with your HUM map.


    (sorry, tried to paste just the image… perhaps you can)

  3. ChrisG says:

    Isn’t there already enough data to start showing a plot scaled by population density? Say, one point per report per million population. Admittedly some reports would ‘vanish’ this way. Or it could be done by color shading, where all land areas are colored, paler for fewer reports per some standard unit population and shaded richer for more reports per the same standard unit of population. Use whatever population number shows the best range while losing the least data off the low end.

  4. Johanna says:

    Hello Mrs Anonymous. I have heard the hum since the last week of June 2014. I have not slept properly since then. I have no concrete idea why I have started to hear it. Referring to your description of a second sound like Morse Code, I am inclined to agree. It very much sounds like it. But no idea what’s being transmitted. Ha.

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