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Seven things you can do to help solve the Hum

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
2. Help me find an acoustics expert who can explain how to create a portable box, big enough for a person to get inside, that will block most sound, including low frequency sounds.
4. Contact the authors of this paper and ask them what has happened with their theory or experiments of it: https://hummap.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/this-article-if-im-right-will-be-a-key-piece-in-solving-the-hum/
5. Help me find an experimental radio physicist who can give advice on welding VLF-proof containers.
6. Help me take a fully laid-out web page in another language and install it as a mirrored-subdomain on my site and then do the SEO for it.
7. Find an industrial acoustic expert who can answer this question: please describe the range, intensity, and behaviour of sound and infrasound created by different industrial processes over and through various surface geographies including mountains and valleys, including earth of differing conductivities and composition, and fresh and salt water.


  1. R. Curtiss says:

    Someone seems to be confusing low frequency SOUND waves with low frequency electromagnetic waves. They are entirely different. If you can hear a hum, it is a sound wave. I can hear sound waves down to 0.0122 Hz and also measure them, digitally record them to a computer disk and perform spectral analysis on them. With 50 years of electrical engineering under my belt, I’m very good at doing this stuff. Most of the reported HUM that I have read about seems to be Infrasound at very low frequency. There are some people that just like to make infrasound sounds but a few will leave the infrasound generator running constantly. They are probably interfering with the monitoring of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and I hope they get caught.

    • Some people indeed do confuse the two, although I feel reasonably clear on the difference. But I am confused about your comment that you can hear sound waves down to 0.0122 Hz. Surely this was a typo? This contradicts every standard source on the topic. You write that most of the reported hums you have read about seem to be “infrasound at very low frequency”. May we ask how you arrived at this conclusion? And I must admit that I am confused about your remarks on infrasound generators. Please provide some details and documentation for your claims. I would be most interested in reading them. Cheers, Glen.

    • George G. says:

      I bet you cannot hear 0.0122HZ.

  2. Thanks, Dave.

    I encountered Tom Moir’s name regularly during my initial reading into the Hum, and I aware of his well known recordings that are available on the internet, but he and I have not traded notes or spoken with each other yet. That should certainly happen some day soon. As for media requests, I do interviews about every month or two and most of them are quite interesting, so by all means have them contact me to set something up. Cheers, Glen.

  3. Kurt Mortensen says:

    You can hear infrasound if the volume is high enough.

    Another thing is: Proffesor Henrik Møllet and his team at Aalborg university acoustic institute in Denmark, made a test of approximately 20 persons back in 2002-04, the test was small, but it showed that 1/3 could hear low hum (not infrasound) 1/3 had low tinnitus, and for 1/3 there where other reasons, not related to the hum. The test also concluded that the hum was decentralized, i..e. not coming from one place only, but D
    Danes heard hum comming from different places in Denmark.

  4. Thanks Kurt for good information. However, I am inclined to think you would not hear infrasound, but more likely feel it as pressure around the stomach, lungs, etc. at very high amplitude.

    While we are on the subject, I have estimated the hum at approximately 30HZ. but electromagnetic in nature, not acoustic. The reason some of us can hear it may be associated with some form of electrophonic effect, where electromagnetic radiation at particular frequencies may stimulate nerves associated with our hearing, giving the impression that we are listening to low frequency audio.

    This could well explain why so many have failed to record it with specialized transducers.
    Before I sign out, could anybody that is sensitive to the hum let me know if it has stopped or diminished in magnitude since April 24. I am particularly interested to hear from anyone living within the longitudinal band 140 to 145 degrees East.

    Many thanks and good wishes to all the hum hearers,

    George G.

  5. Kurt Mortensen says:

    Just a couple of things (I was on my Iphone, difficult to write on 🙂 It is Professor Henrik Møller ( not Møllet) and concerning the low hum/infrasound I just ment, that I hear the sound and I feel the sound, but I do not know what frequensis i hear and feel,

    Just a bit about the hum situation in Denmark:
    As you all probably know, it is very unpleasant to be exposed to The hum. In Denmark we have over 600 decentralized gas-driven power stations, some of them quite large. they are connected via tubes alle over the country. Hum heares in Denmark have long suspected these plants and tubes to a very important source for generarating low frequency noise. (furthermore, we are exporting these powerplant to the rest of the world) The Danish Ministry of Environment did in 1997 send out a guideline for noiselimits designed to prevent people to complain. The noiselimits are wrong, the measurement methods are wrong and very often (normally) you dont even get the problem measured. Proffesor Henrik Møller and his team proved that the equipment being used for these guidelines, where not even capable of measuring Infrasound or low hum.

    Some of the Danish Hum hearers have a facebook group, and there seem to be no place in Denmark where there is silence, but in our discussions, a a peculiar knowledge has arisen. It seems as if we bothered by different frequencies. Let me give just one example. A friend of mine is living in the same small town as me (Svendborg) He and I have tried to cross reference. So every time I heard the hum I wrote it down, and vice versa. In most cases there is no compliance. The same thing has hapend in other similar cases. I wonder if we hear different frequencies? If that is the case, we hum hearers really have a big problem proving the existence of low hum.

    Finally for your information: We have for several years been planning actions against the Danish Ministry of Environment. Im not able to tell you more about it, because of the secrecy involved (the enemy are listening 🙂 But I will keep you informed when things develop if possible.

    I am interessted in what actions you have performed in different countries in coming from (if any)
    and how you people are organized (if you are organized in any way) other information cold be usefull too concerning how your goverments react to the problem.

    Any info you bring up here, I will bring forward the Danish hum hearers

    Links to the report from Henrik Møller and the questionnaire survey



    Thats it for now folks.


    • George G. says:

      O.K. Kurt. Having read the good professor’s report leads me to believe the hum is not acoustic. Therefore, blaming the power plants in your country and protesting to your government will leave you and your friends look very foolish, don’t you think? Especially when prof. Moller has all but concluded that the hum is in our heads. As I stated earlier, we are not dealing with a sound wave, but an electromagnetic phenomenon which only a small percentage of the planet’s population are sensitive to.
      The majority of the population cannot hear it, and don’t care about the small number who are tormented by it, so forget whatever you were planning, it will amount to ridicule for you and your mates. I hear it also, but live nowhere near the Danish power plants, or any other industry for that matter. I live in the Australian bush, and the bloody hum is just as annoying here as anywhere else.

      As I stated in an earlier email, we are dealing with a 30Hz electromagnetic radiation which some humans are sensitive to. If you really wish to study it seriously, get your friends together and begin to catalogue dates, intensities, locations in latitude and longitude, and any other information that may be relevant, e.g. local earthquakes, unusual animal behaviour, etc. etc.

      Best wishes for now,

      George G.

      • Evo lution says:

        Hi George I live about 50km out of Melbourne and have never heard it anywhere i go on the mainland. I have only experienced the hum once for about a week down on Flinders island back in feb 2012. I have been back a few times to the exact same place since and not heard it. For that week i lay in bed every night trying for the life of me to work out where it was coming from. It has stuck with me ever since and i still know how it sounded to this day. What i want to say is and you will most likely think im crazy but the hum sound i was listening to and feeling was not coming from the ground or sky but somewhere else. Here is the crazy bit , i got the feeling it was like something from another dimension. I have been researching this a bit now for the last couple of years and not some new age nutter waiting for the 3D thing or anything like that and you being Aussie does what i just said make any sense to what you hear ? What i heard was around the 38 to 40 Hz area in about 5 sec waves.

        All the best

      • Kurt says:

        The legal action is going on the method of measurement of low fr. sound. Its legal stuff, one can only take legal for one thing at teh time in Denmark. Another thing is that it is fully accepted in Denmark that low fr, noise is an acoustic problem. But institute of invirontment has done several to prevent citizens to complain. Its a long story, and difficult to explain in english. Wind mills are another big low freg. problem in Denmark, it produce lots of noise and also here they have prevented people from complaining. Lately the indusrty ( danish VESTAS) have succeeded in getting rid of prff. Henrik Møller so he is no longer at university of aalborg. Wind mills and power plants are big buisnees mind u. We are in close contact with university of aalborg acoustic section, and is it now possible to lend equipment from the university that are able to meassue the hum, so we are now able to get an overview over the complete volume and frequenzes in Denmark, and can now easier take action to complain to local authorities.

        This is not to convince you or anyone else about anything, neither you, me or anybody else knows exactly where the hum is comming from this is info about what is going on in Denmark

      • Kurt says:

        and another thing: you read the proff. conclussion wrong. He is being fired from his job because he do NOT think the sound is in our heads. He thinks the sound is very real and are blaming among other things the windmill industry. His conclusion in the report is mainly the hum is not a big brother thing, but have several different causes

  6. Dorian says:

    Was someone able to supply you with the contact information for a radio engineer and an experimental radio physicist?

  7. sandman says:

    Hello. Has anyone considered that the Hum may be caused by a chemical reaction taking place somewhere on the Earth, or in the Earth’s atmosphere, or within the Earth. If when this reaction is taking place, electrons will collapse back into their original orbit or ground state, and possibly emit a steady stream of emission in the form of an electromagnetic wave, at a particular frequency. If this wave is similar to natural waves emitted by the Earth, albeit at a slightly different frequency, it will create a hum that appears to rise and fall in strength, because they will be slightly out of phase. We know that chemical reactions lose some energy in the form of Light, sound, heat, kinetic energy, etc. so isn’t it possible that they might be emitting electromagnetic energy on a large scale? This may explain why we can’t hear it with an ordinary microphone. ok, what would cause such an event all around the world in Denmark, Australia, England?? One possibility is that the salinity in the oceans has altered for some reason or concentrating in areas. Any change of salinity levels would create huge amounts of energy that must be emitted. Also possibility of huge forces within the earth, preceeding years before large earthquakes?? Whatever is causing the hum, it can only be created by massive amount of energy, and I don’t think that it is created by humans,, or not directly anyway. Food for thought anyway! Have a great day and take care. Sandman

  8. George G. says:

    Sandman, I’m trying to think of our oceans producing the amounts of electrical power your post suggests, so I want to relate a story I’m sure you will appreciate. Some years ago, a dear old uncle of mine conducted an experiment in his kitchen using two saucepans on the stove. One contained a saline solution, the other plain tap water (read chlorinated Melbourne water) He connected both saucepans to a moving coil meter ( he did not own a DVM at the time) and measured the potential difference, which of course was bugger all. (For all you electro-nuts, bear in mind both pots are metal and bridged via the stove top grate)

    He then heated one saucepan, I don’t remember which. The meter registered a potential difference, which is exactly what I expected. My uncle was very excited, I wasn’t, until, the potential reversed polarity. He then proceeded to heat the other pot. The potential reverted to it’s original state. Both burners were then extinguished, but to my surprise(again) a series of polarity shifts (oscillations in my language) occurred.

    To this day, my dear old uncle’s experiment proves one thing, in my mind at least. Do not underestimate the unimaginable power of our oceans.



    P.S. Do you hear the Hum sometimes?

  9. Nawaz says:


    I would be very happy to help with point number 6. Please check my linkedin.com profile for background but I have been a webmaster / web developer for over a decade.

    Thanks for all your efforts around this phenomena.


  10. George G. says:

    Hi Evo,

    I don’t think you are crazy at all. The frequency you suggest is just below our mains frequency, which is how I sense it as well. The 5 second waves are most likely a nearby source beating with the hum. What I find interesting is most people in the northern hemisphere are reporting frequencies around 80Hz. You are now the third person to report a frequency below 50Hz, and the three of us live in the southern hemisphere. Hopefully we will hear from more ‘southerners’ soon.

    Thanks for your reply,

    Cheers for now,


    P.S. Carn the Hawks

  11. George G. says:

    Hi Kurt,

    Sorry to hear the Prof. has been fired. I am sure he will soon find another position soon.

    About ‘The Hum’, I agree that nobody knows its origin.

    But I am certain about one thing; ‘The Hum’ is world-wide. It is NOT a product of the Danish power grid.

    Good luck with your research,


    • Kurt says:

      off course the world wide hum does not come from danish power grids only, it has many world wide sources. As I all ready pointed out

      • George G. says:

        Now I understand. We are not talking about ‘The Hum’, but lots of industrial low frequency noises that upset people.

        Thank you for the clarification.

  12. Kurt says:

    I talk about the hum, Ive been exposed to the damn thing for 14 years now, so I know excactly what the hum is. You read my comments like a certain man reads the bible, What an arrogance and what a godless waiste of time, I thought this was a serious site, obviously it is not

  13. Kurt says:

    And I am hoping this George guy could turn down the arrogance, Neither he or anyone else have any idea where the hum is comming from, do bear that in mind that he hum started along side with the industrial development, and it can be meassured, we have the equipment here in Denmark to do it an d we can in some cases follow the frequences, BUT it could also be other things earthquakes, electromagnetism, solarflares, changes in your inner ear, compensating loss of hearing and what have you, the thing is no one knows. I have followed the hum over great distances, and I am aware that it must be large large waves, to produce such a massive sound/pressure. We know for a fact that windmills produce very lowfrequence sounds wich seemed to be the same as what I hear and feel. So mabey there is both a mechanical and a more universal kind of hum. Anyway, the most important thing in DK right now, is to get the goverment and authorities to recognize that the hum exist in this large scale so we can force money into the universitys so they can study this thing and mabey even help those of us who can hear it.

    If you on the other hand have no interest in what a trying to achieve in Denmark and how we are trying to solve the problem feel free to ask me to leave the group

  14. Kurt says:

    nice to hear Glen 😊 Several people in the danish hum community are aware of your site, and have been for some time. The hum map is a brilliant idea. Its interesting that I havent heard hum in France, where I spend several month every year. And when you look at the map there are “few” responses there, compaired to Holland UK and US. It more or less follow the outspread of industry, but I know you have discussed that argument. The university of aalborg tested 20 random chosen persons that claimed to be hum hearers, some years ago, (they can produce real infrasound at aalborg uni. acoustic dep.)the result, wich of course is based on very few people, showed that one third was able to hear/feel infrasound ( when loud enough) one third could only hear low freq. sound and one third heard other things ( tinnitus and so on)

    • George G. says:

      I live nowhere near industry but have experienced The Hum for almost 30 years. There are reports of The Hum from people living in deserts, forests and more remote areas. This is my definition of “world wide”.

      So, I disagree that industry is the culprit.

      • Kurt says:

        I fully agree that the hum can be experienced in places without industry, I have a report from greenland just to mention one example. But investogations in Denmark shows that the hum I hear in the Island of Fyn, where I live Is not the same as the hum they hear in f.ex north of Denmark or an other place, so the hum must have different origins. We also know that the waves can travel over really great distances, especially near water. We have a member of our group, who has developed engines to very large containerships, and have great knowledge in this area. he clames with out hesitation, that the hum comes from the total of these ships. So my guess is that there could be both local industrial sources and mabey more ” larger” sources. I must admitt however that when I drive into the night some times and I can trace the hum over an area of fifty kilometers in both directions (and yes, i feel completely stupid driving around in the night 😊) It seems really difficult to believe that the origin should be powerplants or local industry, on the other hand, we can with special equipment, in some cases, trace the frequences to powerplant and other similar places. I would not be surpriced if it shows to be some kind of “big brother hum” but until we know for certain i prefer to have an open mind.
        Another thing is, that a dutch study shows that the hum is very harmfull to our health, I am shure that we who are exposed to it, are not surprised.

        Sorry for bad spelling by the way.

      • Evo lution says:

        I totally agree George. I was on a tiny little island in the middle of nowhere and could hear it.

      • sandman says:

        I told a friend yesterday(saturday) that we would get strong winds today. When he asked me how I knew I said that the earth hum told me so. It was humming very loud yesterday when I was on the farm in the afternoon. I dont watch t.v or read the papers or listen to the weather forecast. Today (sunday) it is damn windy here and i write this at 8am. it is so predictable. I live in dry farming area in Victoria Australia. Have been hearing the hum for years, and unlike most, I don’t find it upsetting or worrying at all,,,in fact i kinda like the hum. It seems to help me sleep better. My vegie garden doesn’t like the hum, because my plants get blown around by the strong winds the next day.

      • Evo lution says:

        Hey sandman i would say your up in the mallee then. ?

      • sandman says:

        Hi Evo. Absolutely correct!!

  15. George G. says:

    Ships! I never would have given it a thought, but it does make sense. They are increasing in numbers and power, and water can be a perfect medium for low frequency propagation.

    Our sea lanes are busy night and day, and certain parts of deep oceans may act as resonators. Imagine what a 300 kilometre long valley at the bottom of the ocean would do to long wavelengths. Amplification through resonance. That would also explain the frequent beating and code-like behavior often reported by sufferers, as several ships passing each other over the same resonant valley would surely create a massive salad of varying phases.

    And of course, as our oceans interface with the deepest parts of the land, it would not be stretching our imagination to think how efficiently long waves would travel through subterranean rivers and creeks to just about everywhere on the planet. Very, very interesting.

    Your spelling is fine, by the way, I’m glad it’s not me having to write back in Danish.

    Cheers and good wishes,


    • George G. says:

      HELLS BELLS! There are hundreds of the bloody things rumbling over the oceans day and night.

      How many dBA are these monsters generating? Audio engineers, please do some sums!

      What chance have marine life trying to get some sleep?

      • Kurt says:

        Well I dont have the tech skill or knowhow to validate if this could be the humsource, but it most certainly should be taken in to consideration, such large machiney really can move a lot of air

      • Evo lution says:

        I suppose when you think about it like that then the poor fish must be going insane which brings me to the thought then , we humans are going insane if its not the hum then something else. Could the hum be coming from an interference in frequency that we humans operate ? 20 years ago there were 5 million mobile phones where now there is 5 billion and you can double than with WiFi. I found this very interesting about RF from a man named Eric Dollard http://emfshield.com.au/effects-mobile-cell-phone-radiation-eric-dollard/ Im probable a mile off here but you never know.

      • sandman says:

        Hi Evo. The amount of phones and wi-fi is staggering! But obviously not the source of the hum, as it was around a long time before mobile phones came into use. Nevertheless we still have to wonder what all that r-f is doing to us.
        I am almost certain now that the hum is caused by Thermodynamic Equilibrium taking place between the Earth and the atmosphere. I also believe that the hum we hear is a set of harmonic overtones emitted from the process of this action, actually stemming from an output frequency a lot lower than we currently believe.
        As I have also made mention in previous posts, this energy is not heard through our ears. If it was, surely I would be able to make a very quick and easy microphone out of a subwoofer speaker?
        Question: What age are all of us posters on this forum??
        Myself, I am 40, with medically diagnosed mild hearing loss and Tinitus (which is high pitched ringing in the ears). I have always worked in industry with high noise, and around high current drawing apparatus eg. 1000 hp electric motors, machinery, electrowinning or plating machines.
        3 people I know that can hear the hum, have all worked in electronics, or had a hobby around radios(cb radios,, uhf, etc)
        Does anyone know of young people that can hear the hum, and what is the age of the youngest person that can hear it?? Thanks .

      • Kurt says:

        Reports about the hum since the seventies and mabey even earlier, no cellphones then, and furthermore I understand that phones and wifi is shortwave, so…

  16. SueGrid says:

    10/31/14: Maybe no Internet & WiFi & Cellphones & Smart Grid in the 1970’s but there certainly WAS Radiation AND Electricity before then & continuing. A combination of the two is probably the source of most “Hums,” since even rural areas have electricity. Even tent-dwellers &/or off-the-grid folks might still have live power lines over or under them in the ground.

    Electricity emits EMFs (frequencies) that come from EMRs (radiation). Even an entry at Wiki re Military Frequencies said that “electric power lines emit LFs, the same low frequencies used by the military.”

    Charlotte King, a lady who can hear pre-EQ frequencies (sounds like “fog horns” she said, definitely not the same as our Low Deep Droning Rumbling Drumming Hum) & has worked with the Govt. because of that, wrote in a comment I read, that she could not believe any industry (cellphones, smart meters, cell towers, etc.) is emitting LFs because, she said, the Military holds sway over ALL LFs for THEIR own use SOLELY. That could mean either of three things:

    1. She didn’t realize that Electric power lines emit LFs as well.

    2. She isn’t aware of the Military Industrial Complex that Prez Eisenhauer warned about before leaving office in 1960 (speech at YouTube), ie, the Military IS working WITH Industry; hence Military could be “allowing” Industry use of their Low Frequencies & whatever else they have in their Pandora’s Box.

    3. Or — The Hum is not from Industry but is strictly from Military. Though I think the Hum is from the power grid, I am also open to it coming from Military in some way since they have a maze of endless things going on (you’ll drown in brain overload just by trying to follow the endless embedded links in Wiki entries re Military endeavors; I tried & had to bail out, lol).

    I had started at the GWEN Towers entry at Wiki (Ground Wave Emergency Network) that had towers 300-500-feet high, placed every 250-300-miles across USA. It used LFs that “hug the ground” vs airborne (which interested me because, from Hum-Day-1, it has felt like vibrations coming from the ground). GWEN was defunded 2-decades ago; however, I was surprised to learn that the US Coast Guard had taken over GWEN sites for their own use, & was also surprised to learn re the USCG’s widespread & intricate “web” of radar/tracking/transmitting/ communications/frequencies, etc etc etc. Whether the USCG still uses GWEN’s original LFs, though, I do not know, but they might since it is LFs that can penetrate ocean salt water (ditto Navy use of LFs). One of the GWEN Towers sites is 148 miles from us (within the original GWEN 250-300-mile radius) & if I remember correctly, it is one that the USCG took over.

    We’re not that far from the Intracoastal Waterway, either (6-miles); & the ocean is on the other side of that. This is also a huge Navy town; it is “triangled” by a Naval air station to the west (27 miles), a Naval port to the east (10 miles), & a Trident submarine base to the north (50 miles).

    There are about 5 USCG locations locally, from 5 to 22 miles.

    On top of that, going south diagonally to center State, we are 130 miles from a Naval bombing range, with Navy jets from here that fly down there to “practice” dropping 20,000 bombs a year since 1945. (I didn’t even know this until about a week ago, after living in this State 57 out of 62 years!)

    Even with all that, I don’t think it’s military (locally, at least) UNLESS they began doing something NEW & DIFFERENT as of late April 2014 when the Vibes+Hum began.

    BTW, V+H were terrible/Strong yesterday/Wed., from Noon & still going when I crashed at 8:30pm. When I woke up 5-6am/Thurs./today, they were VERY LOW & faded more down to NIL within a few hours, & faded even moreso the next few hours after that, down to 100% TOTAL OFF & are still TOTAL OFF at 10pm > a rarity of late since for 3-weeks straight they were non-stop (fluctuating between Nil-Low-Medium-Strong) whereas in prior months they would be Total Off a few 1-2-3-max times a week. As a homebody I am able to monitor/make notes re V+H practically around the clock (since August I began notetaking).

  17. SueGrid says:

    10/30/14 (wrong date in my first comment above; it’s still 10/30/14 not 10/31/14):

    Re the subject of your post, so sorry but I don’t know any acoustic nor radio experts. Has there been any success with Items 1-7 since April 2014? I will go read #1 & #4, though not a professional historical researcher either (#1).

    Interesting comments above re SHIPS possibly causing Hum via the ocean. But I have no idea if ships are passing by out there along the coast. There’s no big ship docking along there, locally, that I know of, except the Navy’s port. The “ship yard” is far away downtown somewhere; I guess ships get there via the river. And no cruise ship ports here.

    I’ve seen a few comments round about the web that a few Hum-hearers were able to finally confirm it came from water processing plants. I learned there are 35 of those in this town but have not pegged the exact locations to see if any are nearby.

    I think George may have missed this part of Kurt’s original comment: “…(furthermore, we are EXPORTING these power plant to the rest of the world).” — I enjoyed learning re Kurt’s endeavors in Denmark, thank you. There’s a person in Finland reporting on 9/2/14 via a thread they began (3-pages) at GLP forum that they are going bonkers from the hum+vibrations. The title is “Vibrations, Frequencies, & the Hum” should anyone care to check it out.

  18. SueGrid says:

    11/2/14: Hi David, is there no electricity in County Clare? Industry is not required to hear the hum IF the hum is coming from electrical power lines (whether above or below ground or wall-wiring).

    (Electric power lines &/or wall-wiring &/or radiation emissions possibly mixed in with same &/or leaking from same is my “current working theory” for my location. So I can’t say re other locations.)

    The Finland person began a thread at GLP forum on 9/2/14, with the title as previously mentioned. Here’s the link, HTH!

    I can empathize re lack of sleep! Last night, a Saturday, Vibes/Hum were still Nil to Zero at 10:20pm so I looked forward to a good night’s sleep. But when I checked clock at 7am, after being awake already for what felt like hours, with neither brain nor eyes feeling like they had slept at all, the V+H were going Too Strong at approx. “Medium Intensity” & probably already were from some point during the night or early early morning, & have lasted ALL day (5pm now), & on a Sunday no less.

    There’s no Rhyme nor Reason nor a “Schedule” to the V+H, that I can figure out. It’s different Days & Times every week, ie, No Consistent Set Pattern.

  19. I recently found out I´ve been living with The Hum for about 3 years, after it changed and got stronger.. It has even been shaking my plates in my kitchen-closet in Denmark.. My Janitor ruled out any machinery being a possible source, to him the video was a mystery.. Another woman in this building has reported earthquakes..

    Another change: I´ve felt a change in pressure when the Hum is strong Night/early morning
    (like diving deep under water)
    It´s also feels like a “magnetic pull” towards magnetic north (checked with compass)

    It feels like it´s a combination of forces..

    My best guess so far for recording this, is a Seismograph -Vertical..

    Primary waves of some kind, I get a feeling like something liquid is involved..

    • My impression is that the vibrations in the video are not caused by the Hum. Notice that Part One shows a very consistent four-second pattern that repeats throughout the video. If you run the audio through a basic spectrum analyzer one can easily see the pattern. Then, oddly, this pattern stops in the second part of the video series. This type of vibration can be caused by a number of sources. I of course cannot identify the source without investigating, but I think the vibration is probably linked train/metro/rail vibration, a washing machine, or some other industrial source.

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