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Latest News about the Hum… (January 26, 2014)

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com


I figured it’s time to let you know what’s new with me and the Hum. The main job is maintaining the World Hum Map and Database, and it’s freshly up to date with 2300 map points, and there are some interesting patterns emerging in the data. The Hum Map earned a paragraph in Steven Yaccino’s Windsor Hum piece for the Chicagoan Magazine. I was interviewed by Katie Mokhtar from Blink Films in London. But I’ve left a few things hanging; specifically, the Deming Box experiment, which I am now crowdfunding for $5000.00, or at least starting that process. I’ll let you know when I’ve gathered the funds to buy the materials and begin welding. With all the points of view about the Hum shouldering each other, there awaits this simple experiment that will point to the culprit, be it governmental, industrial, or natural. It’s been 10 years since the experiment was suggested, and it’s time to make it happen. Also, it’s a scandal that the French and Russian versions of the Hum Map are not up and running yet. I need others (i.e. established people in the Hum community )with web technical skills (i.e. web hosting, configuring FTP, Google Drive and Fusion Tables) to move parts of the project forward.

That’s my focus, again. By the end of 2014 I hope to have conducted the first trials and then with confirmation, point at the source of the Hum.

Progress has been very slow, but reasonably steady. Thank you to the people who have written to me to tell me about their experiences. I learn something every time I hear from one of our community. I’m thankful that for me, the Hum is usually nothing more than an oddity, and sometimes a nuisance. Sometimes I forget about it for a while. But poring over the database entries, I can see that people are suffering, and so it’s time to solve it.




  1. justin says:

    hi ive recently started hearing the hum as well i live in a village in mid western ontario about 4 hrs north of windsor and i only notice it at night from 7 on ward

  2. ramsey says:

    last week i heard it in qatar with a group of about 4 people

    low rumble that lasted about 15 minutes, wasnt construction or cars or anything, very persistent sound that was audible indoors and out

  3. dennis cherry says:

    one time way back i saw a movie. i think it was supposed to be about los alamos. they were in an underground lab hidden out in a desert in the us. they had an enteresting early warning setup that i had forgotten about. it was a table with a bunch of tuning forks lined up on it. connected to magnetic pickups , like on an electric guitar. it went off when a bunch of ww-2 propeller driven bombers went over and the thought they were under attack. they had to check the frequencies on a chart that told them it was only b17 bombers. the tuning forks were like a xylophone . each one was progressivly bigger than the one before. what do you think about that one ?

  4. Started hearing a hum two days ago. Low irregular hum like an motor doing work. It is easily over
    ridden by normal house and ambient sounds. It stopped last evening and through the night but started again this AM: Dallas, Texas

  5. Darren Card says:

    I started hearing the hum yesterday (7th May 2015). It was first thing in the morning, 5am or so. I have heard it again today also in the morning. I went walking around outside looking for it and only later did my wife tell me about the world wide hum. She can’t hear it. I have been unaware of it in the evening. Surrey, UK

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