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2000 Map Points

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

I’m pleased to report that the World Hum Map has passed the 2000 map point milestone. I’m glad to see data from Asia and increasing numbers from South America. Regrettably, the Spanish, French, and Russian translations of the website are put on hold as I deal with more pressing matters, such as organizing the professional scientists who have offered to help, and securing funding for building and testing the Deming Box experiment, which will be a major step forward once it is completed.

If you haven’t looked at the Map recently, you should stop in see what’s been happening recently: http://www.thehum.info


  1. Lisle Blyth says:

    Hi, did you receive results of the survey I took yesterday? It’s impossible to understate what relief I felt when I read up on the Hum this weekend and finally finally felt vindicated.. It started last November so loud I thought a factory had opened in my area. I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa. Through a letter I wrote to the local newspaper a man contacted me but he said it was caused by cellphone towers. A few years ago there were two investigative programmes here that focused on the plethera of cellphone towers in and around the city as the cause of the Hum. I have since moved but the noise persists.
    I wonder if there is truth there, after all the Ethyl company in the US managed to suppress the truth about the dangers of leaded petrol for nearly four decades. could the cellphone industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars not have a similar agenda?

    ps pls mention Johannesburg when referring to Hum sites as it’s definitely here.

  2. Arnaud says:

    Gosh! We are not alone ! I suppose it ‘s a good news .
    Personally, i’m waiting for the conclusion of the Windsor Hum measurements (normally published on december 2013)

  3. Pat Hannon says:

    I have completed the questionnaire about a year ago. I continue to hear the hum as I described then. Intermittent and always the same frequency. What I have recently discovered is that when turning your head the hum would appear to momentarily stop! I have now discovered that by quickly shaking your head from left to right ie approx 10 cm to the left and then 10 cm to the right the hum, drone, resonance, momentarily stops! I don’t think I have read this any where before and would be interested on comments and wether anyone else is able to replicate the method described.

    • Julia says:

      This happens to me also. Although it returns within a few seconds. I refuse to believe the government knows nothing about this disturbing and life altering droning. It is an assault to the human body!

  4. Lisle Blyth says:

    The hum is really loud tonight, November 30 2013. yet it was barely perceptable last night and the night before. Bit of relief. I have sold my home and moved to another part of Johannesburg (no escape), and left my job. I could barely function because of sleep deprivation. Does anyone know of an area in Southern Africa where the hum is not present? I will have to move there. Life here is untenable and it’s nearly impossible to function. It has been a full year since the hum ‘switched on’ in my life.

    • Emma says:

      I can relate. It’s usually so loud here causing severe sleep disturbances. I sleep with a loud fan. I can even here it at the beach next to ocean if the waves aren’t noisy enough. The only place I haven’t heard it was in the Sequioa National Forest. I think the trees and the fact it is protected land is why it isn’t present. I’m determined to move as well. I need some peace. Good luck.

  5. Yiorgos says:

    I live in central nj about 10-15 miles from the ocean and 2-3 from a bay and i would like to know who else in this vacinity hears the same hum.
    It is strange as towards the end of november or early december it stopped for 3 days then began again and this time i notice it even more as if it were louder, deeper and almost rumbling in a sense. I like many others who have mapped a location and left comments have the same experiences with it. The same description and same frustration especially at night when i am trying to sleep. No one else that comes to my house can hear it. I am all for scientific study and creating theories regarding it but for something to stop for a period of time then start again or for it to come and go doesnt really fit into scientific reasoning but then agin i am not a scientist. The only other person i know to hear it is my fathers uncle who lives in new mexico and he has brought in sound crews to find the cause. I dotn have that kind of money to do that so someone somewhere has to figure this out for sure because it is frustrating me and disturbing my sleep.

  6. Dhamma says:

    I live in the Northern part of The Netherlands. Since august 2009 I started to hear this annoying HUM in the atmosphere. I realy can say that this have destroyed my quality of living. 24 hours a day I have to listen to this terrible sound. I don’t only hear it, but feel it as well with my whole body. Now I bought four white noise generators to block the HUM. Sometimes it works, but I’am fighting noise with noise and that makes me sad. I’am robbed from silence. One of the most precious things in life.
    I wish all the people who are tormented by this sound, strength. Hopefully someday it will stop. But I’am not optimistic 😦

  7. Emma says:

    The hum stopped here in bakersfield California for 3 nights 24th and 25th, 26th. Started slowly the next day. Still not as loud as usual. Thank God.

  8. Oh the constant droning sound has gotten so much louder in the last few months. I can not believe no one else in my family can hear it….it’s ridiculously loud. It has stopped a couple of times but not for very long. I hear it in my right ear. If I plug my right ear I can still hear it but it’s quieted. I have to sleep with a fan on at night so I can’t hear it. I have nothing medically wrong with my ears. I hear very well. I hear it inside my house. I have turned off the main power breaker and still heard the hum. I hear it outside towards the front of my house but if I walk in that direction I hear it somewhere else. I dont hear it in other locations, just at home. The hum is there day time and night time. It seems louder at night but I think Its just because there’s more going on during the day and I dont pay as much attention to it ( you have to train your brain to believe its an every day normal sound to hear so it blends in with your other thoughts). I live in Menlo, Wa. There are no gas lines, power lines, power sub-stations, trains, train tracks, mining or factories near me. My area is all pastures and forests. There is one 100+ year old store, a tiny school and very small fair grounds here. The only road through town is state route 6. No stop signs, no traffic lights, just a straight shot through town. The nearest cell tower is around 20 miles away. I have lived here for 14 years and started hearing the hum 2.5 years ago. I really would love to move somewhere else. I am curious to know that if I were to go to where other people hear the hum if I would hear it too. I have a feeling that its not a sound, that we aren’t “hearing” it with our ears but maybe our brains are a little different somehow and that we perceive it as a sound. Lol our brains have ears. Maybe thats why everyone cant hear it. I dont have super hearing, I hear the same as any average person so no reason others cant hear it. So speaking of droning….ive droned on and on myself 🙂

    • Hello, How come you don’t think you would be able to hear the hum if you lived somewhere like here? I am so curious to know if I could hear other peoples hum,,,,,, Ooooh Ireland that’s cool, My ancestors home 🙂

  9. Lisle says:

    Yes, it’s been intense here today too (Johannesburg, South Africa). Less so on Saturday and Sunday – which is most unusual. I think passing 2000 on the map is an achievement but is nowhere near an accurate reflection of the extent of growing number of people affected. Lisle

  10. WOW….NO HUM today, YAY!!! Oh man, now i’m going to wonder why it stopped. It’s very nice to hear nothing but birds. It has been a very long time since it stopped last. I will enjoy it while I can.

  11. No hum for 6 days!! It just started back up at 2:20 a.m. and it is a different hum, It is pulsing fast. It’s never changed the way it sounded before. It used to hum for 4 seconds then pause for a second. Now it hums for 1 second and pauses for a split second. Sorry, it’s hard to explain, well…i’m sure you know how that goes.
    A bigger change is that I can feel the pulsing sensation on the right side of my head, it pulses along with the sound and has a very tiny vibration feeling to it. I have never “felt” it before, i have only heard it. While I was watching, tv my husband noticed that I was moving my head slightly back and fourth the way you do when listening to music. I didn’t even notice. Another new development…I heard a second hum coming from a different direction. They lasted for about 20 seconds each and I heard them 3 times. Same tone but just a steady hum and then a weird sound at the end i’ve never heard and I couldn’t begin to describe it. Again, no one else heard these other hums either. I turned the tv off and made everyone listen, ha ha i’m sure they are tired of listening for the hum and hearing me say, “you can’t hear that? Really?”

    I am the opposite, David. I didn’t hear the hum for 6 days and all I could think of was the blasted thing! When it is humming I ignore it as much as I can and when it’s gone, at first I think, “oh thank God, some peace.” But a couple hours later I started to think, “why isn’t it going, is it going but I can’t hear it anymore, what happened to it…etc. Then I start looking it up online. It’s dumb! I don’t know why I even look it up anymore, no one knows what it is or why only some people hear it.

    I see on the Hum Map that someone has reported the hum about 30 miles south of me. I am going to stop on the road that they listed and see if I can hear it but who knows what the actual location is. Its on my way to the grocery store anyways so i’m going to give it a try.

  12. Wow, this has NEVER happened. No Hum for about 9 days in a row. It has come back a few times and sounded very strange. It was the hum but it was going weird with a couple different sounds in it and way faster than normal. Very strange. Well, stranger than normal.

  13. lucy says:

    Is there a Redditch hum.? I get this at night time and it drives me insane!

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