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A little-known 2002 paper helps connect the dots

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

I’m researching outside my field on the radio-physics and geomagnetism, and so I set aside that part of things for now until experts can confirm my proposed mechanism.

But allow me to start showing the biological side of things. A little know paper,   “Mechanism for action of electromagnetic fields on cells”, by Dimitris J. Panagopoulos, Andreas Karabarbounis, and Lukas H. Margaritisa. (2002). http://kyttariki.biol.uoa.gr/mobile_phones/article-2002.pdf cleared an obstacle for me in my search for what is behind the Hum. If you took high school chemistry, you should be able to follow a lot of it.

Some of us who have a working knowledge of the Hum like to quote some old US Naval research that reports on the possible auditory effects of microwaves. Those folks then jump to the assumption that cell phone towers, smart meters and like are responsible for the Hum. I think that this is very unlikely. The subject gets changed when one asks why aluminum foil, which easily blocks microwaves, doesn’t silence the Hum according to multiple reports of those who have tried. (If you’d like to know more about this topic, search online for “radio skin depth”). The paper above provides the answer – now, thanks to the authors, there is a detailed and well-explained mechanism for the activation of human nerve cells by VLF and ELF frequencies, including cells found in the auditory system. VLF and ELF frequencies cannot be blocked by foil; thick metal enclosures with superior welding are required.

Read the paper, ask me questions if you would like, and next I’ll propose an explanation for how the above type of activation interacts with pre-existing low frequency sound and infrasound and the characteristics of VLF energies.


  1. PatriciaAgerard says:

    After doing the survey, I relized there is alot yet to tell. I have heard this “HUM” since I was in my twentys. The seventys. I’ve always thought it could of been from my massive dental work. My parents divorced and my mother collected welfare. We were subject to dental work paid for by the goverment. It was excessive, though I was glad to have it back then. The hum was alot stronger when I was younger. Now that I’m older my fillings are falling out and I relize the hum has gotten alot less strong and I hear a different kind of hum, and a lot less often. I’ve also felt a magnitic pull in my jaw at times. Something magnetic makes sence. I live by the Ocean and other sisters also have felt a magnetic pull at Daytona Beach that almost pulls us into the water. Hummm Strange.

  2. A magnetic pull strong enough to drag one into the water would need to be many tens of thousands of times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field and would need to emanate from the water, and so I am left wondering and how that might happen. Your comments about dental work is interesting, and I plan to do some thinking about that one.

    • Georg C. L. says:

      Hi Glen!

      Surely there’s no direct possibility that a magnetic field can pull you into a specific direction as described, i agree. But you might have the *feeling* that it is so.

      Cause sometimes i experience jaw pain in correlation to strong humming – the body naturally has magnetites in it (Fe3O4), see

      Magnetite in Human Tissues: A Mechanism for the Biological Effects of Weak ELF Magnetic Fields, Joseph L. Kirschvink, Atsuko Kobayashi-Kirschvink, Juan C. Diaz-Ricci, and Steven J. Kirschvink

      Best wishes, Georg C.L.

  3. cecilegee says:

    I have heard this vibrational noise since I moved in to my father’s old house, in a rural NY State area. We have had this small house for 6 yrs, NEVER was there ANY strange vibrational noise like this. I thought it was some farm machinery, but soon realized it wasn’t. Then, checked all around area (walking in woods, driving on roads & waiting) – and it seems the vibrational sound is very localized in a small area of a few miles or less – so I asked mostly local people and only one couple said they did hear it – but both work f/t, have children, dogs & cats, & watch TV, so they don’t notice it as much as me. MANY planes do fly over where I live, & I heard there is a “beacon tower” nearby in the hills, but the area is “restricted.” And,though a flying plane’s vibrational sound is similar to this, it is not quite the same. Strangely, one evening I observed a very loud, non-commercial aircraft flying in the middle of about 5-6 (on each side!) round disc shaped things flying fast and in unison – I assumed it was “military experimentation” with (probably) drones. I called F.A.A. and was informed that “was possible” but no more information on that!

    Also, recently the sound has slightly become even more bothersome – I can FEEL vibrations in my chair as I try to read, in my bed as I try to sleep– I use a small “sound machine” that basically makes some whirring noise – without any vibrations – and place it on the floor near where I sleep, so I can create some other distraction to the horrendous vibrational sound/feeling. I want WHOEVER/WHATEVER GROUP is doing this, to be CAUGHT, STOPPED, & TORTURED in a similar fashion – because this is a form of torture and I do not think it is “accidental” in any way. It seems most apparent in rural areas. Could it be just experimentation with certain randomly-selected humans to see how we respond to auditory vibrational torture, and to rid the rural areas of people in the long run?? Sort of like the “rodent control” that uses low-frequency soundwaves?? This is more likely true than not. People need to get together & work on a solution, then bring a class-action suit against whomever is responsible for this.

    • I must state that I do not agree with the comments above regarding torture. I also do not agree that the world Hum is intentional. I suppose the only part I might agree with is that if the Hum is anthropogenic, then we should put pressure on the right people in order to provide relief from it.

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