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VLF Equipment Testing

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

VLF Equipment Testing

VLF equipment running. Note the mains signal at 60 Hz, along with its odd-numbered harmonics at 300 Hz and 420 Hz.


  1. Arnaud says:

    Great ! We are waiting for your futur tests results.
    Good Luck. 😉

  2. adrian palmer says:

    If the hum is an external source, would a submerged water test do anything?

    • tofinosurfer says:

      Excellent question. The problem is that VLF waves can penetrate ocean water to considerable depths (which is why VLF is used for submarine communication).

  3. adrian palmer says:

    I can’t hear the hum whilst submerged in water, does this mean my hum is an internal ear problem somehow?

    • tofinosurfer says:

      Many of us find that any sudden movement of the head or significant background noise will momentarily block the Hum. My guess is that a tub full if water will transmit many household sounds; any movement on your part would similarly block it. Just my guess at this point, however.

  4. adrian palmer says:

    Yea last night I put an ear plug in my right ear and it seemed to block about 80% of the noise.
    But for me everyday it sounds like 30 to 40 db and cuts out when I hear other sounds, but comes back after it goes silent.
    Also yes it seems to only affect my right ear.

  5. Alouette says:

    I put the central heating / AC fan on, and it blocks the hum, mostly. At least it’s not driving me crazy.

  6. Alberto says:

    I’m a Engineering student (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Superior School – ESIME), is there any way i can help? Here we have labs for electrical, electronical, mechanical, robotics, acoustic, audio, control and automation, aeronautical, computer systems.

  7. dear glen, has anyone suggested geoengineering combined with HAARP

  8. dennis cherry says:

    glen, i think if you could rigg up a tuned chamber that would resonate inside, you could use phase differentiation to get an exact direction to the source of the sound. it would take at least 3 tuned chambers to make it work. i tried to pull a microphone on a long tow line behind an ultralite plane to locate the higest intensity of the sound . i thought it was a 230 ft tall exhaust stack at a chemical plant near me . the experiment failed due to problems with wind noise and the winch kept failing.

  9. dennis cherry says:

    glen, another approach to this deal would be to try to duplicate the humming tone. just to see what you might be looking for on google earth. i once saw a conspiricy theory waaay back of sonic cannons the nazis were woriking on in WW-2. and also another one that showed a pyramid stack of open ended pipes that was supposed to be capable of driving an enemy out of an occupied area. also, i remember the us army claimed they were driving the talaban out or tora bora tunnel complex with a giant low tone generator. remember that ?

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