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The Suffering Caused by the Hum

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

A significant proportion of hearers experience great distress from the Hum, ranging from ear pain to headaches to sleeplessness and nausea. Like any noise complaint it is a nuisance, often serious enough to affect quality of life. It’s instructive to compare this suffering to that caused by more commonly recognized diseases. For example, essentially everybody in the population has somebody in their immediate or extended family who has been affected by cancer or cardiovascular disease. The suffering caused by these is widespread, visible, obvious, and life-altering. Even so, research into their cure is underfunded by tax dollars, and organizations such as The Canadian Cancer Society, The American Heart and Lung Association, and so on, must raise funds independently by appealing to the general public. It has been suggested that only two percent of the general population can sense the Hum, hence the limited political will to investigate it. Because the evidence is anecdotal, it is not surprising that public funds are typically not available for inquires into the phenomenon. When authorities have become involved, such as with Windsor, Ontario, investigations typically begin with a suspected industrial source and are limited to very basic acoustical data gathering. So far there have been few if any formal controlled experiments that incorporate the other factors suspected to be causing the Hum.


  1. Felicity F says:

    Yep. Here I am at 4 a.m. still can’t get to sleep, yet again, due to the Hum. Am worried about my health as it’s been going on for a few years now and the Council ignored my request for an Environmental Health investigation. Feel I am being regarded as a nutter because it is actually turning me into one …

    • linda bishop says:

      Me to. I wrote to my MP to ask him to bring it up in Parliament and was asked by his secretary ,”are you serious???!”. My Euro MP and many others didnt even reply. The council states that I have to source the sound (impossible) before they will investigate, The medics insist I have tinnitus and treat me as such with various hearing aids, convinced it is in my head as I can even hear it in a soundproof room (which by the way doesnt block this frequency) Media reports treat it as a bit of a joke.

      • I do sympathize with you. I was convinced the hum was causing me health problems and although I haven’t heard it for about a year I still feel my sleep is affected by the frequency (even if it may be at a lower volume) as there are times when I have a particular strange feeling of physical tension which occurred often during the the time I was hearing the hum. I have also been ignored by MEPS albeit about another matter. It may be worth writing to DEFRA. I did get an e-mail reply on this subject and they were puzzled but if many people start complaining they may start to take it seriously.

  2. emma E says:

    Yes, here I am at 11:38 pm pissed that I can here the hum even through the fan in the bedroom. Seems it has been really loud the last few weeks. I can hear it just standing around outside. I just returned from Santa Barbara and was so worried about it ruining my trip if I heard it…I slept with the fan on in the room at the Inn. Of course, I did NOT hear it at the beach. The sound of the ocean smothered the ugly sound if there was one…I didn’t hear it.

    I have become very tense and anxious over this annoying constant damn noise constantly running. I have to spend energy trying to BLOCK it out so that I can have a normal peaceful day. It is harassment, I am breaking out in nummular excema which are caused by stress apparently and I am worried about my health. My immune system is compromised. One of the only places I haven’t heard it was in the Sequoia National Forest. I think what ever it is here ….is not allowed there. It was such a relief it was like a piece of heaven. I am currently researching to move. I literally cannot take it anymore. It has drained my joy and forces me to live a life with constant noise. This is much too nerve wracking. I will find a new place to live…if this doesn’t kill me first. I do feel isolated as far as this whole experience. So it is nice to be have to share stories here.

    I wonder if the government is building tunnels underneath the ground and running like a underground subway system in case of nuclear war. What ever this is…effing up my peace of sanity on this earth and I am angry about it!!

    • Amilyne says:

      I am right on board with you! I have heard it for years as well and it makes me depressed, paranoid, scared and sick to my stomach. I even hear it in the day sometimes now as well. I also know that when I lay down at night and hear it I’m doomed and not sleeping at all. It takes over my brain. My mother hears it sometimes to and we live in different places but I don’t think she suffers as badly from it as I do.
      So the question is what do we do?

  3. Maureen J says:

    Have just read all the comments and absolutely agree with everything. We moved here (UK Midlands) a year ago and have been hearing this sound for almost 4 weeks. We are elderly and so therefore ‘qualified’ to be crazy I expect! Like Felicity F we have been ignored by the Enviromental Dept thus far. We only complained last Friday though!

    Please keep up the good work we feel too knackered these days.

  4. Rodney Robinson says:

    I started hearing the hum last year on the night before going to Spain on holiday (28/8/2012) and have been hearing it ever since. It is just as Just as people describe and I sometimes can’t believe there isn’t a machine going somewhere. I notice the intermittent pattern sometimes changes, recently being a little more constant which is more tolerable. When it was at its worse I don’t think I could tolerate it for very long as it would drive you mad. It sometimes almost feels like a physical vibration that comes up through the bed and the pillow and literally goes through you. It did stop for about a week recently. Sometimes I hear it during the day and sometimes only at night because as someone said, the ambient noise levels mask it and give a measure of relief. I wake always at around 3am and hear it. My immune system has been weakened since hearing it – I’ve had a string of infections one after the other. My wife can’t hear it at all. I had e-m radiation and radio frequency radiation measured in the house and both are at quite low values apart from in the level above my room (an attic room) which is quite high presumably due to the edge of the beam from a nearby transmitter passing through the top of the house. I also wonder if a dental implant (titanium) has anything to do with it although I’ve had that for a few years now. One other thing; on the first night I heard it I could put my ear to the wall of the house or the door frame and it would amplify it like listening through a stethoscope but I have not heard it through the walls since. I contacted DEFRA but they just suggested I complain to my local council. I don’t see the point in that when even my wife can’t hear it lying next to me in bed. I also hear very high frequency ringing like a dog whistle, very constant – not tinnitus – I can block it out by putting my fingers in my ears.

  5. Rodney Robinson says:

    Last night my wife heard the hum for the first time. The funny thing is that at the time I was hearing it at what I call my low level. Later in the night when I was hearing it at a medium level she couldn’t hear it. I’ve noticed that sometimes it appears to have direction and when it does I go toward where I think it’s coming from, and it appears to move direction. It continues to stop me sleeping. I lie awake listening to it trying to work out any patterns. Sometimes it seems as thought there’s a sort of Morse code pattern but it’s very difficult to make out the dots and dashes. I’m also starting to hear it in the house during the day more and more. 4G has been turned on in my area today so it will be interesting to note if there are any changes to the hum.

  6. Rodney Robinson says:

    I have had four days of peace. The hum has been silent – thank God. I feel myself it is due to electro-smog and that only some peoples nervous systems are tuned into the frequencies produced. As I have said, my immune system has been noticeably low since hearing the hum. Other people have reported the same. For me this culminated in a dental abscess which was unresponsive to antibiotics. Determined to be free of the intense pain I looked on the internet for home cures that people had used. I used two very useful cures; one was mouthwashes with strong cider vinegar solution. The other was by taking orally and mouth washing with colloidal silver solution. After three days the pain was completely gone and after a couple more days I started to feel much better. At the same time I had my first hum free night for many months. I will keep hoping that this is the end of it for me and hope that other hum sufferers find peace.

  7. Rodney Robinson says:

    I believe I have something potentially very important to report. After the success of treating my dental abscess with colloidal silver (see above post), I have received a first hand report of another hum sufferer who took colloidal silver for a skin infection (which was also successful) and one week after starting the course the hum went silent for her. It is very interesting to me that we have both had the same experience: even to the fact that it was also nearly a week after starting the colloidal silver that the hum went silent for me. Surely this is no coincidence. I now wonder what mechanism may be operating if colloidal silver can ‘cure’ the hum. Is it that we are attuned to the hum by changes in out immune system or is there some sort of ‘biophysical’ mechanism associated with the silver itself? I will certainly ponder this question further. The big question now and the ‘acid test’ for the ‘cure’ will be if the hum stays silent for me. I am aware that it did go silent for a couple of weeks earlier in the year so I will update with further information as time reveals more. Of course there may be no connection at all but I’m reporting the facts as they present themselves and if any of this can help other hum sufferers I will be very happy.

    • tofinosurfer says:

      Now that you mention silver, I start to wonder if old-school amalgam dental fillings could be a factor. I really doubt it, but an interesting line of inquiry nonetheless.

  8. Rodney Robinson says:

    The term silver in ‘silver amalgam fillings’ is a complete misnomer as there is no silver in them but something much worse – mercury! Can you think of anything less desirable to put in someones mouth? I am quite sure that the presence of mercury amalgams is something to look into as they would surely reduce someones immune response and also because of their electro conductivity could act like mini reception aerials for the electro smog we all live in.

    • tofinosurfer says:

      Quite correct; silver was the starting point for a tangent here. Mercury was my focus, because if neurotoxicity is playing a role, the auditory system could also be affected. But, again, I really doubt it. Although .., I have had more than 20 such fillings! 🙂

  9. Rodney Robinson says:

    I’m sure mercury toxicity also plays a role in electrosensitivity cases. However what’s a new angle on it is the immune systems role. I’m now sure that the important factor for me was getting rid of pathogenic bacteria and re-balancing the immune system. I felt this happening and the hum stopped.

  10. terrylynnn says:

    I hear the hum (Lucas Valley/San Rafael CA.). It started abruptly in Nov. 2007 and is a steady and constant low pitched engine idling sound like an airplane flying overhead. I can ignore it while awake, but it has caused terrible insomnia due to the vibrations that shake my brain and heart (electrically) almost as “locked in” sleeping syndrome. I had nightly panic attacks and chest pains at first. I have frequent migraine headaches. I have lived in the same house for 20 yrs and never heard it before that first night. It started the weekend that they drilled an earthquake monitoring devise 2 mile down into the earth near my house. I have had neurological exam for no deficits and they felt the sound was “in me”. Cardiac exams show tachycardia at night up to 180beats/min while asleep. I would be unable to work if I didn’t take sleeping pills every night. When I travel I am less sensitive to surrounding machine sounds (which I have trained myself to ignore as much as possible), but they do not disturb my sleep like at home. I have had all mercury fillings removed and have suspended my bed (from the ceiling) off the floor in efforts to disengage from the vibrations at night ~ without success.

  11. terrylynnn says:

    I have tried sleeping outside in a tent behind my house down by the creek…still heard and felt the hummmmmm. Was very disappointing!!

  12. Rodney Robinson says:

    Last night the hum was back. This time a slightly different rhythm – very much like a car idling it’s engine right outside the window. Last time had an almost Morse code quality. Other features the same: press head into pillow and hum gets louder, no direction to it and very disturbing to sleep. In fact I had my first night terror since the last hum episode. My wife shook me awake noticing me panting and sweating in my sleep and I am sure it relates to the hum.. Another development is that my wife can now hear it too as well as the high pitched whistle that seems to go with it. We also live near a railway line but don’t feel it is the cause. My health has been getting better since the hum stopped early this year although the dental problems still have not been fully resolved and my dentist remains puzzled as as far as he is concerned there is nothing going on. I had my second molar removed after the abscess now I get a strong metallic taste in my mouth. I do feel the hum has caused this.

  13. Rodney says:

    Hello David, Thanks for sending the video. I so relate to all those stories and my heart goes out to anyone who hears this vile noise. I am in a period of quiet (touching wood) that has lasted quite a while. I just don’t know what to make of it but I err towards it being linked to electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers perhaps the e-m radiation sensitizes hearers to the noise in some way.

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