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The Windsor Hum – Kokomo Revisited?

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Kokomo, Indiana ranks among the most notorious Hum epicenters on the planet. During the 1990s, as a result of intense lobbying and public pressure, a formal investigation into the source of the disturbance was undertaken. The study involved strictly acoustical recordings of unknown quality and, eventually, the consultant identified two pieces of industrial equipment that were generating low frequency noises and infrasound. After the machinery was corrected, the press reported that the Hum was solved and attention faded. For a more complete discussion of the Kokomo incident, see Deming (2004). But the Hum continued. And now on to Windsor. Zug Island has been identified as a potential source of the noises bothering residents in the Windsor-Sussex area. Indeed, from examining some of the accounts of those residents, it seems that some of them describe phenomena that clearly do not meet the basic criteria for the Hum . Yet many do, and therein lies the potential for a repeat of the failures at Kokomo. Let’s assume for the moment that some of the trouble in Windsor is rooted in industrial activity at Zug Island. In the best case, those complaints will subside somewhat and the opportunity will be lost to initiate a proper governmental examination of the Hum. It can be quite difficult to gather sufficient public attention on this or any other issue, and it may be some time before there is enough critical mass gathered to cause the authorities to act. And that’s why Windsor may end up being Kokomo revisited – yet another in a string of investigations plagued by narrow focus, investigators who are not adequately educated on the Hum phenomenon, and diffuse results.

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